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Nao Robot Goes to School to Help Kids With Autism

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The manufacturer of the humanoid robot NAO; Aldebaran Robotics had reached another fantastic milestone regarding their contribution to the autism community worldwide. ASK NAO (Autism Solution for Kids) was created by Aldebaran Robotics to customize NAO, in order to support teachers with in-class tasks and help children with autism reach new levels of greatness.
This initiative was developed after noticing that many children with autism seem 'magically' attracted to technology therefore allowing NAO to become the perfect bridge between technology and our human social world. ASK NAO is designed for schools and healthcare institutions ready to drive special education into the future.

NAO becomes a real user-friendly assistant to support teachers with daily in-class tasks, facilitate communication with parents, and bridges the gap with children with autism so they can reach new levels of greatness.

In conjunction with this effort, NAO is helping a primary school in Birmingham, UK to explore how technology can help children with special educational needs. 

Libi Cooper and Corbin Chow play the animal recognition game, supervised by Alexandra Sugurel of Aldebaran Robotics (picture taken from
Do read more at this link.


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